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Sheffield Hallam 10th Anniversary Enterprise and Innovation Dinner

The 10th anniversary of the Sheffield Hallam Enterprise and Innovation Dinner 2010 was held on 31st September 2010, and was an opportunity to celebrate Sheffield Hallam University’s new and existing entrepreneurs.

Nathan Bestwick won the first prize of £5,000 while Jessica Flinn won second place with £2,000.

The Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Challenge took place between February and September, with several judging rounds to help identify the best entrants.  Over 100 summary business plans were received; judges scored these and then invited those with the best potential to submit a full business plan. Following this stage, 15 full business plans were received and further judging took place to identify seven finalists.

The overall winner was MillmeTM, a new brand of… click here to continue reading.


To download full list of the Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Challenge click here.