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The Northern Way Enterprise in Education Project 2006/2008

The Northern Way Enterprise in Education Project (NEEP) is aimed at increasing the number of pupils receiving Enterprise Education at KS3.

The project was designed to give schools an opportunity to bid for extra funding to undertake innovative and significant projects for pupils at KS3.

It was originally thought that 100 schools would participate in the programme. All schools across Yorkshire & Humber were invited to enter statements of commitment which ultimately led to 115 schools being selected to participate and develop clear action plans.

Of the 115 schools, 30 were part of 5 consortia bids (2 South Yorkshire, 1 Humber and 2 North Yorkshire). These schools were then allocated an external advisor to assist them to identify specific activities they would like to undertake at KS3. Many of the schools found this especially useful as it gave them time to identify new and different sources of delivery and new ideas.

The project is due to complete in mid 2008 and over 25,000 pupils have benefited from activities directly funded by NEEP.

NEEP funding has been of major benefit at KS3 but has also enhanced the delivery and provision at KS4. As the money was ring-fenced for the activities identified in the school action plans it has empowered enterprise coordinators to identify and ring-fence other funds designated for enterprise.

A wide variety of activities have taken place from collapsed timetable days to industry days, curriculum developed resources to external providers.

The NEEP funding has enabled some teachers to invest time developing their own resources which are being delivered and embedded in the curriculum.

The NEEP funding has impacted across all ability groups ensuring that some students have not been excluded either in part or totally from the school, and enabling gifted and talented to develop further.

The NEEP funding has proved a positive impact to all schools whatever their status, from Business and Enterprise Colleges to Special Schools and even those in special measures who have found difficulty in implementation but the rigid support and focus of the project has meant that activities have happened and evaluation taken place.

A full set of descriptions of the activities for each school funded by NEEP will be made available in the near future as the programme comes to its conclusion.