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The Industrial Trust

The Industrial Trust

The Industrial Trust - a registered charity - is a leading provider of educational events in the work place for groups of young people aged 8 to 21and their teachers. Their mission is:

“To motivate, educate and inform young people in ways that inspire them to acquire the skills and qualifications, and to develop the personal attributes, needed to enter careers that will sustain and develop the UK economy.”

The Trust uses its strong links with companies and its understanding of educational needs to arrange events that make learning interesting and demonstrate its relevance to future careers. Much of the burden of finding suitable businesses and forging the links is taken away from teachers. Businesses are given help to focus the events on agreed learning needs, whilst projecting their industrial sector and the career opportunities available to young people.

Tens of thousands of young people and teachers benefit from these events each year. Post-event evaluations show a very high degree of satisfaction with the service provided and more than half the students surveyed say they will consider careers in business and enterprise.

Website: www.industrialtrust.org.uk