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Enterprise Education is about working to create an environment that allows enterprising behaviour to flourish.

It’s important young people believe in themselves and strive to make their ideas happen, and they often need encouragement and help.

Here you will find extensive resources, including a database of enterprise programme providers, CPD providers and links to downloadable teaching materials with hints and tips for maximising your students’ Enterprise potential. These resources will help you to set up and sustain a successful enterprise agenda.

If you are a provider of enterprise education or CPD and are not yet listed here or if you have any materials and website links to share, please contact us.

Whilst we cannot quality assure any providers, those listed have provided 3 independent testimonials. We will endeavour to maintain up to date information and welcome feedback.

A 'Who's Who of Youth Enterprise Providers 2010'. Has recently been compiled by EnterpRISE in Hull - sponsored by Hull Training.  Aimed at Young people (8-21), their teachers or lecturers, and enterprise providers, the brochure contains information about local (Hull), regional and national enterprise providers.  Click here to download.

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